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Why Worry At All, Just Trust

As we begin another work week, I can’t help but to examine a wonderful song I heard in church Sunday to shake off any Monday blues:

I’m searching, I won’t stop till I find…..You
I’m running, I won’t stop till I touch….You
You’re my destination, You’re all I got
Nothing can deter me, I said I won’t stop

If it’s not You, then Lord it’s nothing
If it’s not You, it’s nothing at all
If it’s not You, then Lord it’s nothing
It’s got to be You

Lord I love You, because You first loved me
The height, the depth, the length, the breadth of Your love, sets me free
So I give You everything, no holding back
My heart is Yours Lord, cause It’s all I’ve got
When we seek You, then we shall find You, when we have searched with all of our
One day with You, is more than a than thousands elsewhere
Lord we draw near

Beloved, take hold of those words today and allow the grace of The Lord to fulfill your every need that life throws your way.

Without Him we are nothing at all.

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