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Just Continue To Wait

Ever lost your keys for your house or car and had to wait for someone to come by and let you in? That impatient aspect of you becomes enlarge because you are restless to get inside. Eventually you get the door open, but that feeling you will never forget.

King David had to wait on The Lord for something he really wanted. David took the approach of ignoring his fleshly emotions and place his trust and rested his soul in The Lord.

David knew if he could hold on just a little longer a reward would be coming his way.

He made it a duty to just trust in The Lord with everything in his life.

When we truly understand and embrace this, we won’t be tempted to compare or wish we had what someone else has. You won’t think, “If only I had their talent…” No, if God wanted you to have that talent, He would have given it to you.


Instead, continue to trust and wait on The Lord.

Now, you’ve got to do your part and get excited about your life. Be excited about who you are — your looks, your talent, your ability, your personality.

When you’re passionate about who you are, it brings honor to God. That’s when God will breathe in your direction and the seeds of greatness in you will take root and begin to flourish!

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