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#SamDubose: Cincinnati Gearing Up For Riots

Yet another unarmed black man has been killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop.  Sadly, it seems like every other day there is a new story.  This time, Cincinnati city officials are so concerned about the consequences that they refuse to release the footage from the body cam worn by the officer who needlessly took the life of Sam Dubose.

Here’s what Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said about the unreleased footage from officer’s body cam ,”The video is not good,” Blackwell said. “I think the city manager has said that also publicly. I’ll leave it there.” He added, “We’re concerned clearly. We’re concerned about what could happen in our city. We’re hopeful that the people of this great city are reminded that we do things right and that even when an officer may have done something inappropriate that it will be dealt with in an appropriate fashion,” Blackwell said.

City Manager Harry Black spoke as well about the video of the shooting. “It’s not a good situation,” Black said. “It’s a tragic situation, someone has died that did not necessarily need to die.”

Unfortunately, the Black community has been bombarded with news and images of uncessary black killing and lack of justice for more than 2 years.  With city official preparing for the worst in conjuction with they’re refusal to release footage, there is little chance this will go well for the city of Cincinnati.

Another death of an unarmed black human being at the hands of law enforcement. The dashcam video is reportedly so bad, that Ohio, USA is preparing for riots. RIP #SamDubose #BlackLivesMatter

Posted by Look Up Radio on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

UPDATE: Cincinnati officials release the CPD officer’s body cam footage. You may view it here.

#BlackLivesMatter #SamDubose #Race #Justice

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