It’s All About God

“For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory.” (Romans 11:36 TLB)

It’s not about you.

It’s not about profit or politics or anything else. It’s all about God. You may know that the first sentence of The Purpose Driven Life is “It’s not about you.” What you may not remember is that the title of the first chapter is “It’s All About God.” Those two go together. The reason it’s not about you is because it’s all about God.

Until you understand that, life is never going to make sense. Until you understand that, I am not going to make sense to you. The goal of my life is not pleasure, it’s not possessions, it’s not prestige, it’s not politics, it’s not power, and it’s not popularity. It’s not anything that the world values. The goal of my life is the glory of God.

Romans 11:36 says, “For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory” (TLB). Everything on the planet and in the universe was created for God’s glory.

What’s the implication of that?

If it’s all about God and it’s not all about you or making money or being popular or any of those other things the world thinks is important, then the implication is that loving God is your first priority. Jesus said it like this: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment” (Matthew 22:37-38).

Nothing tops this one, folks! If you miss this, you’ve wasted your life. The most important thing in life is to get to know and love the God who created you.

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Talk It Over

  • What is the goal of your life?
  • How does our culture try to convince you that it’s all about you?
  • In what ways can you practice loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind?
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