Let God’s Salvation Save You from Fear

“The Lord is my light and my salvation. I will fear no one” (Psalm 27:1a GNT).

I love the way my wife Kay watches horror movies. If something like Alien comes on television, she turns on every light in the room and sometimes pulls up the comforter to cover her eyes. Would she watch a horror movie in the total dark? Absolutely not. Many of you won’t, either, because light helps you see things more clearly.

David says in Psalm 27:1a, “The Lord is my light and my salvation. I will fear no one” (GNT). God is described in two ways: as light and as salvation.

Yet many Christians live their lives in fear of rejection, completely ignoring the fact that if God is our salvation, then we have nothing to fear — not even losing the approval of those around us.

Living for the approval of others is a miserable way to live. It will cripple your life.

But God is your light and salvation!

Light does three things:

  • It illuminates and lets you see things more clearly.
  • It protects and provides a source of security.
  • It energizes you.

David is saying in Psalm 27 that his relationship with God has the same three effects as light, so he’s not going to be afraid. Do you have a relationship with God like that? If you don’t, you’re probably susceptible to the fear of rejection.

To overcome the fear of rejection, we accept in faith that the Lord is our light and salvation, not anyone else. Don’t look for anybody else to brighten up your day. Don’t look for anybody else to save your life. The Lord is your light and salvation. Don’t be afraid!

What does God save you from? Psalm 119:39-42 says, “Save me from the insults I fear . . . I want to obey Your commands . . . Show me how much you love me, Lord, and save me according to your promise. Then I can answer those who insult me” (GNT).

Here’s the thing: There is no fear in love. When you understand how deeply God loves you, it will simplify your life. It will illuminate, protect, and energize you. Bask in the light of God’s love. Let it save you from a lifetime of fear.

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Talk It Over

  • When you trust your salvation to save you from daily fear, what does that look like?
  • When you make decisions this week, ask yourself, “Am I making this decision in fear, or am I making it through my trust of Jesus?”
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