G.I. Members Receive Rhythm and Soul Award for their Breakout Hit Song “Pray and Don’t Worry” as they celebrate their current hit single “I’m Ready” hitting #15 on Gospel Airplay Charts!

The members of G.I. were recently awarded the “2018 Rhythm and Soul Award” by ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) for penning their breakout hit anthem “Pray and Don’t Worry.” ASCAP is home to more than 690,000 music creator members across all genres. Among the 2018 ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award recipients were: Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, JJ Hairston, Tye Tribbett and many others. The award comes on the cusp of their current hit single “I’m Ready” breaking Top 15 on the Gospel Airplay Charts!

G.I. celebrates 20 years of music, ministry and memories this year. They’ve worked for years to become one of the leading urban male gospel groups on the scene today. “Wherever we go, people find it hard to believe that we’ve been in existence for 20 years” says group member Lamonte Harris. “We could bet a million dollars what the next line will be when we tell people we’ve been singing for 20 years. We always get ““But you only look 20.””  When asked what is the secret to their longevity, group member Branden Anderson says… “Love, patience, prayer and teamwork. You have to sacrifice, and be considerate of your other group members. We’ve seen them come and go, and I believe that’s why we are still here.” Congratulations G.I. on all of your success! It is well earned.

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