Money Is Not Your Biggest Problem

Every time we worry about money, we’re acting like we don’t believe in God. It’s a way of saying, “It all depends on me.” That’s just not in the Bible.

Worry is a warning light that we doubt the love of God. Yet the Bible says God “provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever” (Psalm 111:5 NIV).

And the book of Romans tells us that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for you to pay for your salvation. If God loves you enough to send his own Son to die for you, surely he loves you enough to take care of your bills.

God solved your biggest problem when he saved you, so any other problem is minor in comparison. The bottom line is really this: Do you believe that God will do what he says he will do—that he will provide for you?

Are you willing to ask God for the things you need, rather than going out and charging for them?

Are you willing to learn to be content?

Are you willing to worship with your tithe as God has commanded and believe that he’s going to take care of your needs?

Are you willing to live with integrity and be honest in your finances?

Are you willing to trust Jesus Christ completely with every area of your life?

If you’re serious about being set free from financial fears, you must choose to do what God has clearly told you to do. He’s laid it out in his Word. He said, “I will do this, the promise, if you will obey the premise.”

Make the choice today to be a faithful steward of the money and resources you have so that God can use you for his purposes.

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