Philanthropist And Entrepreneur Karlos Cobham Launches Non-Profit Organization, Kwest International

Philanthropist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Karlos Cobham, announced today the official launching of his new creative and visual arts company,KWEST International, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization serving faith-based and corporate lifestyle networks and brands.

As founder, president, and chief creative officer, KWEST International collaborates with affiliates and organizations specifically working for and with youth, musical and creative artists to ensure they have access and the necessary tools, they need to succeed.

  • KWEST International offers within the professional music, film, and faith-based marketplace the following services:
  • Product & Packaging Artistic Design, Direction & Layout (CDs, Book Cover)
  • Audio & Visual Production, Mixing, and Mastering (short-form, long-form, and theatrical)
  • Web Design
  • Logos
  • Brand Development and
  • Social Media Development and Maintenance

KWEST International goals are geared towards empowering millennials and Generation Z’s through ministry, charitable assistance, and support with goal-centered opportunities, preparation, and once in life-time connections and experiences through local, regional and national educational programs and workshops, acting, singing, theatre productions and other extracurricular activities.

KWEST International’s mission seeks to use the arts (film/theatre/music) and discipleship to create globally “a kingdom awareness” in the lives of the youth through kingdom thinking, a lifestyle of worship, determination to excellence, spiritual prosperity, and total trust in God,” while their vision is “To create globally a Kingdom awareness in the lives of people.”



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