Coach Nikki Zeigler launches a New Book Called “How to Build your Personal and Church Ministry” this book is to help Pastors, Churches, Music Artist and Christian Leaders Build their Brand”.

Coach Nikki Zeigler has over 18 years in helping Ministries build their brand. She has worked with some of the Top Pastors, Mega Churches, Christian Leaders and Music Artists around the World. If you are a pastor, minister, prophet, prophetess, elder, apostle, bishop or if you are an administrator of a church this book is written for you. In this time and century information is always changing in the Christian marketplace and this book contains 10 WAYS to help build your personal and church ministry. Pastors and Churches really have no direction on how to brand and market themselves. They normally hire someone within the ministry because that person believes in the vision or they will bring on a Volunteer who doesn’t have a clue on what they are doing. 


Coach Nikki Zeigler was truly “Born to Lead.” As a prolific speaker and master’s Certified Coach she has been anointed to bring out the inner leader in others. With her background and expertise in Marketing, Branding and Public Relations as well as Advertising, Coach Nikki has set her sights and energy on making a difference by empowering Entrepreneurs, Pastors, Ministers, Leaders, and Artists to reach for the stars, achieve their goals and fulfill their God-given Destiny. In 2017 Coach Nikki became a Certified Life Coach with IPC Institute and in 2019 she became a Masters Certified Coach with International Coach Federation. Coach Nikki is the President of The Life Coach University, an institution that helps people to become Certified in Life, Health, Career, Business, Executive, and Masters Coaching. Coach Nikki’s experience in the field of Marketing over the years has built her an impressive resume and she has been blessed to work for such notable entities.


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