Dr. Mark A. Williams Authors Powerful New Book WHEN A MAN WORSHIPS

Believers know that God created mankind to worship Him.  Worship is not to be limited to just a song or a gathering for prayer on Sunday morning.  Worship is to be a believer’s intentional everyday way of life.

There is something very special when a man engages in worship.  Men are the headship of a family and when this kingdom order is fulfilled, blessings become a commonplace.

Dr. Mark Williams is a surgeon, singer, songwriter, educator, and lecturer, but most importantly, he is the headship of his family who leads with a life of worship.  Dr. Mark has written a powerful book to introduce and engage men to embrace and actively pursue a life of worship.  WHEN A MAN WORSHIPS is his new book that issues a decree to men to be rightly empowered as leaders in their homes and in their communities.

“I wrote this book because I recognized a deficiency in our homes, communities, and churches,” Dr. Mark states.  “That deficiency is men not fully being empowered to be the priests of their households because we have not mastered worship.  Like the woman at the well, many of us want to know that our worship is acceptable to God.  But because we lack knowledge of what worship is, it’s purpose, execution, and benefits, our families perish.”

WHEN A MAN WORSHIPS is a book that educates through essential scriptures and motivates the reader to activate and release a focused lifestyle that will lead to an unveiling of purpose and passion.

“I hope that when men (and women) read this book, they will gain a fresh and accurate perspective of worship,” says Dr. Mark.  “Moreover, they will be able to identify the impediments to worship and eradicate them to fully unleash the greatness of a man.”

Dr. Mark Williams has become an eminent surgeon in Tennessee with his thriving medical practice The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Nashville and The Voice Care Center of Nashville.   He is also an adjunct professor at Meharry Medical College.   As a member of Bethel World Outreach Church in Brentwood, TN, he serves in the choir and on the worship team.  Dr. Mark is a husband and father who has intricately merged his music, his medical practice, and his ministry into an example that when a man worships, purpose and life can be lived to it’s fullest.

Dr. Mark will have his first book signing on Saturday, June 20 at Logos Christian Bookstore, 4012 Hillsboro Pike #6, Nashville, TN.  His book signing will be from 11AM – 2PM.  WHEN A MAN WORSHIPS is available on Amazon and on Dr. Mark’s website.  He is also offering a special bundle to honor men for Father’s Day that includes the book, a #WhenAManWorships T-shirt, and a free WHEN A MAN WORSHIPS companion audio CD.

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