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About Look Up Radio


Look Up Radio is a Stellar Award Nominated online radio station that plays a 24-hour stream of all types of Christian Music.

Our Mission Statement

Our overall mission is to unite listeners of all nationalities, races, ethnicity, and denominations to join in the diverse listening experience we provide. We seek to make the gospel of Jesus Christ available to all through the music we play, our unique programming, and outreach endeavors. We play everything under the Son!™

Our Core Values

  • Diversity – We believe that as we serve one God, there is a beauty in sharing how He speaks to us in different ways, yet communicating a consistent message of His love and character.  Therefore, it is our intention to be inclusive in the music genres and artists we play, the staff we employ, and the initiatives we support.  We will work to bring unity to the Body of Christ through the diversity of His people.
  • Quality Music – We believe that the people who listen to Look Up Radio are quality people.  Thus, our audience deserves quality music from artists (regardless of Mainstream, Indie or Underground status) who have worked hard to provide a sound and message that is audibly pleasing and encouraging.
  • Quality Programming – We believe in truly helping people.  Therefore, we will not broadcast programs that are solely for the purpose of entertaining.  However, we do understand that there is more to being a Christian than just going to church.  Therefore, we will use our medium to promote a healthy and holistic Christian lifestyle.  We are dedicated to broadcasting programs that cover a wide range of topics that affect life’s journey.

Our Slogan/Motto

We play everything under the Son!™

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Our Mission at a Glance

To bridge the cultural gap within

Christian Music

by uniting listeners all over the world to join in the diverse listening experience we provide.

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